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Purpose and the Next Ridge: Wisdom 2.0 Interview with Gopi Kallayil

Born in India, Gopi’s life has balanced both the inner work of spiritual practice and outer work of business and technology. He met his Guru, learned to meditate and became a yoga teacher as a teenager. At the same time he continued his academic studies in India and later got his MBA from the Wharton [...]

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Putting Life Right Side Up: Wisdom 2.0 Interview with Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta is the author of the best-seller Power of Less and the popular blog on life changes and simplicity, ZenHabits.
Since Leo live sin Guam, this interview took place over the phone.
Interview with Leo Babauta
If I understand right, you started ZenHabits when you were in debt and going through a number of challenges, all [...]

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The Science of Happiness: Wisdom 2.0 Interview with Tony Hsieh (pt. 1)

This interview with Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, was conducted at the Zappos corporate headquarters in Henderson, Nevada.
Wisdom 2.0 Interview with Tony Hsieh
What are some of the teachings or writings that have influenced you, things that have framed how you approach Zappos and your life?

One of our core values here is “to pursue growth and [...]

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